B-26 Thornbrough, Cold Bay Ryujo attacker, June 4, 1942





Aircraft: B-26 Marauder, serial number 40-1408, 28th Bombardment Group, 73rd Bombardment Squadron, United States Army Air Force, Cold Bay, lost June 4, 1942, pilot Cpt. George W. Thornbrough.

[June 4, 1942] "Captains George Thornbrough and Harry S. Taylor... continued on.. Their perseverence was rewarded. Ahead Japanese ships loomed out of the mist. ... [Thornbrough] headed his bomber in a high speed dive towords the Ryujo... Commander Okumiya and the others aboard looked in wonder as the 'brave American pilot' bore down on their carrier. They watched as the torpedo separated from the bomber and came hurtling at the carrier only to flash across the deck and into the ocean on the opposite side without exploding. On arrival back at Cold Bay [Thornbrough]... ordered his bomber loaded with 500 pound armor piercing bombs... headed out again to try to find the Japanese. Later that night the airfield control tower at Cold Bay heard him report that he was 'over the station with 9,000 feet on top'. Efforts to assist him failed...' (Cloe 1992)

Reference: Cloe (1992).

Kit: Monogram #5501 (1978) 1/48.

Accessories/modifications: Lone Star Models shortwing B-26 conversion resin, Engines and Things resin Pratt & Whitney R-2800-5 18 cyl. engines (#48-155), Master brass US shark-fin pitots x2 (AM48156), Master brass Browning M2 .50 caliber gun barrels x4 (AM48029), True Details resin USN Mk 13 aerial torpedo (TD48506), Archer Fine Transfers aircraft access panels (AR88167), Eduard canopy masks (EDEX105).

Paint: Tamiya acrylic, Alclad Aluminum, weathering by oil wash and silver Prismacolor pencil, Testor's Dullcoat from spray can.

Decals: Eagle Strike yellow serial numbers (48049), other markings painted with masks.

Issues: Difficult.


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