P-38E Lightning 41-2005

Aircraft: Lockheed P-38E Lightning 41-2005 'yellow 86' Lt. Thomas Archer, United States Army Air Force, Adak 1942.

"On December 25 [1942] the engines quit... on takeoff from Adak. The fighter crashed into a parked B-24 from the 21st bombardment squadron."

References: Cloe, J.H. 1992. The Aleutian Warriors: A History of the 11th Air Force & Fleet Air Wing 4. Missoula, Montana: Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. and Anchorage Chapter, Air Force Association, John' Huston's film "Report from the Aleutians"

Kit: Academy #12208 1/48.

Accessories/modifications: None.

Paint: Tamiya acrylic, weathering by oil wash and silver Prismacolor pencil, Testor's Dullcoat from spray can.

Decals: from the kit, Techmod numbers.

Issues: the Academy kit's boom radiator cowlings are the wrong shape for a P-38EFG (they are P-38J-L cowlings), kit decals poor, my overall coat of Future for decal setting resulted in glossy finish that couldn't be overcome by Testor's Dullcoat (won't do that again!), serial number needs to be corrected to 12005, or possibly 12004, 'U.S. ARMY' mark needs to be added to underwings.

P-38Es at Adak, autumn 1942.


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