P-40K Amchitka 1943

Aircraft: Curtiss P-40K-1-CU Warhawk 42-9835 (?), 343rd Fighter Group, 18th Fighter Squadron, Flight Officer Joseph Levy, Amchitka Island - crashed while attacking Kiska, July 24, 1943.

References: Painting by Ogden Pleissner (Amchitka, 1943). Otherwise sparse; supposedly, FO Levy was at the controls of 42-9835 when it had an 'accident', June 26, 1943, and this ac was condemned (i.e., written off as a loss) at Elmendorf the next day - however, if the records got the month wrong, these accounts could correspond to the loss of the ac at Kiska on July 26, 1943 (July 25 on Japanese time used by the occupiers of Kiska, see plaque inscription).

Kit: Hasegawa #09753, 1/48.

Accessories/modifications: Ultracast seat, wheels and exhausts. Canvas wheel-well liner made with masking tape.

Paint: Tamiya acrylic, Alclad Aluminum II, weathering by oil wash and silver Prismacolor pencil, Testor's Dullcoat from spray can.

Decals: National marks from SuperScale 48-888 (distressed) with paint, white Aleutian tail codes with paint, Techmod yellow serial number.

Issues: Unclear whether Levy was flying 42-9835 when he was lost - needs further research. I have not been able to find the MACR.


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