PV-1 Ventura 'Tambs'


Aircraft: PV-1 '36' of VB 139 (bureau # unknown), pilot Quentin Norem, co-pilot Clifford Tambs. Damaged in combat on a mission to the Kurile Islands on May 18, 1944. Norem managed to get the damaged aircraft back to Attu (Casco airstrip) and make a wheels-up landing (photo below). Co-pilot Tambs was killed in the engagement.

Kit: Revell #85-5531 1/48.

References: the above photo.

Accessories/modifications: Semicircular section of inner flap cut out for clearance of bomb-bay doors (correction). Added small radio direction finding antenna below nose (this configuration preceeded the larger RDF antenna and three 0.5 cal. gun pod mounted in 1945). Ultracast resin wheels and tires (48232), Ultracast corrected resin exhausts (48234), Vector corrected resin propellors (VDS48-055), Vector resin corrected cowlings (VDS48-056), DMold corrected fuselage (DM48028). Eduard seatbelts (48365). Kit tailwheel (very weak) reinforced with brass rod. Forgot to remove the masks from the 3 formation lights and the bombardiers's window under the nose before taking these photos.

Paint: Tamiya acrylic, Alclad Aluminum II, weathering by oil wash and silver Prismacolor pencil, Testor's Dullcoat from spray can.

Decals: From the kit except AeroMaster black 45º numbers (48802).

Issues: Otherwise terrific kit has some serious shape issues (lower forward fuselage and propellors that require replacement after-market parts - expensive!).

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